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Specialist Recruiters

We deliver results.


We roll up our sleeves to reach the right person for you


Specialist Recruiters

We don’t rely on job portals! We are proud of our passive candidate sourcing and the latest sourcing strategies. Our recruiters are able engage with highly sought-after candidates.


Recruitment Simplified

Getting to know each candidate deeply from a personal level, we commit to only present the relevant, available, and suitable candidates for your business, with detailed assessment.

Database & Community


50000+ Candidates: Senior Executives, Managers,Technical Professionals and Specialists. Plus unique multiplier network each recruiters in their respective specialization


Tailored Solutions

No one case is the same. We invest time to understand your business objectives and culture in order to align a tailored sourcing strategy.
Our mission is to go the extra miles and keep the difficult parts easy for you.

Our work belief

Quality weighs more than quantity.

Getting off to a good start is most important for a successful outcome. The best hiring starts with a full understanding of the work that needs to be done and then to identify, qualify and hire a candidate that will do the work.

We work with you to understand and define the position as well as your needs and expectations. The result should be an accurate and attractive job description that when posted in the right places will get the results you need.

By focusing on a candidate’s ability to do the work rather than on a candidate’s ability to win the job is an important step in making good hiring decision.

Early professional contact with candidates sets a positive professional tone to be amplified throughout the recruitment process.

We would introduce your company’s background and talk about the work to be done and discuss with the candidate how their background, experience and abilities could help them accomplish this work. It is important to gauge depth of experience and capabilities.

We will include a very detailed suitability analysis on candidate’s career background, personality; and most importantly the motivation for job change and long term career development.

We aim to deliver a vivid picture of the candidate for you, even before an interview arrangement is being requested.

Upon the receipt of the profile, you may request for an interview arrangement or ask for a fine-tune on the candidate search process.

Interview is a two-way communication process. Candidates are interviewing you and your organization, too! It is always better to have candidates interested in moving forward with you.

We help to keep interest high and also provide timely and accurate feedback with our active follow up.

We will commit for actions required to move the things forward, e.g. if you decide the candidate is a good fit at this point, reference and background checks service would be provided upon request

It does not end when the successful candidate is offered. We keep close contact to ensure a smooth transition throughout the process before commencement.

Onboarding is an extension of recruiting. The candidate may need additional touches to help them work through their resignation process with their old job and a good start with the new job. A good start to a new hire can set the tone for high performance and satisfied expectations from both the candidate and the manager.

Committed agency.

How do you prescreen candidates?

Our recruiters attribute an industry low turnover rate to a rigorous prescreening process in which candidates are evaluated based upon their current skill-sets, the relevancy of past employment history and perceived fit within your corporate culture.

How long will I receive CVs?

Your firm will receive qualified job applicants anywhere from 3 – 5 business days. Inspire Solutions has a very structured onboarding, resume procurement and prescreening process.  This results in highly accurate resume searches.

What kind of guarantee do I have?

Each candidate that is hired via referral from our recruiters comes with an extended guarantee of 90 days.  This timeframe was implemented to complement the longer sales cycles our clients have and the need for extra time to assess an employee’s progress.


Let us become your partner

The function is HR is vital in every growing organization. More often than not, there are multiple roles to fill with a very short timeframe. Unfortunately, recruitment is not the only task.

We commit to work as your partner to lessen your workload, whether on candidate sourcing, business line manager management, business advice on structuring job positions, latest career trend, salary benchmark.

Just tell us. We will roll up our sleeves to help you