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Who We Are

Genuine interest and care about the well-being of our candidates and clients.

Our Values

Guiding us to the same common goal, and share a bigger purpose



Pursue our mission with honour, fairness and respect. Value business confidentiality. We perform our due diligence, in a climate of openness and trust in which each of us fully grants others respect and cooperation.



Uphold high standards of excellence that serve to make us a premier agency. We are committed to continuous improvement in developing and implementing our service.



Find the right person your organization needs. Provide information that is accurate, completely objective, relevant, timely, and understandable. ​



Determined to do the best at what matters most. Our success depends on our employees’ ability to deliver the consistent level of excellence expected by all who rely on us.

High standard sustained us to do better

To deal with sensitive personal information, integrity and reliability are fundamental — not only to say; instead we walk the talk. While the business nature being highly performance driven, the ambition and drive for improvement can always lead us to new doors.

Our Belief

People are the most valuable asset.

Making recruitment easier

Who are you?

Inspire Solutions is a specialist recruitment company. Since 2013, we have been serving SMEs and MNCs with the experience to recruit candidates at working, professional and executive level across a range of industries and functions.

Above and beyond the assignment itself, we build long term relationships as your partner, and add values that help organizations and individuals grow.

Why is recruitment service necessary?

Nowadays, even for the best companies, when the application flow is not there, the common tactic is to keep the post open first and passively hope for a perfect applicant. Perhaps subsequently add a recruiter and wait again. Sometimes being lucky enough; however chances are the loop will continue until deadline and risk hiring a wrong person in haste.

What are your secrets?

From our experience, recruiting is not rocket science nor mere coincidence on job boards. Instead, we invest an extra amount of dedication and effort to reach the right person. After all, you need someone willing to roll up their sleeves and inspire you with the best realistic human capital solutions.

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