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What we do

When you find bottleneck in career, chat with our professional consultants.

To secure a good job at a competitive job market, you need to stay well-informed and present yourself at best to the potential employers.

Our expert consultants understand the challenges you face throughout the job search and interview processes.

Get quality advice and support from us.


Career Planning

Career is built. Set your foot right and your career path will be much clearer.

Our specialist consultants will discover your interest, aspiration and capabilities to help your career planning.


Preparation Work

An important interview coming?

There are always more that you can do.

Sometimes the successful applicant and the failed only differed a little; the little things that only very few people noticed.


CV Advice

The 1st impression for any job application is by your CV – Only few sheets of paper to represent you.

How to stand out by best structuring your CV and highlight your capabilities?

Stay Informed

Job Updates

Let us know your career objectives, industry, and salary expectation.

We will actively keep an eye for you and update you when your ideal position becomes available.

Close Relationships
Inspire Solutions is proud to network with some of the most prestigious local and global firms. What made us more special is our close relationship with candidates.
Kenneth Cheng

Lead Consultant

We care.
While providing a professional service, we develop strong ties at a personal level. That allows us to understand and respect what matters most to you.
Frankie Chui

Senior Consultant

Candidate comes first
We only make career suggestions according to your best interest —
It is most rewarding to know our candidates are happy at work.
Jenny Lee

Senior Consultant


We are here to make recruitment better.
Better for our clients and our candidates.

It is most rewarding to know our candidates are happy at work.

What free service do you offer to candidates?

We offer a wide variety of services including:

  • CV writing & consultation
  • Interview preparation
  • Post interview feedback
  • Full-time professional support
  • Job placements

Do you have industry knowledge of my job?

Each one of our headhunters is specialised in a unique niche recruitment market. This allows us to deliver fast results,, develop in-depth market knowledge, as well as a better perspective on each industry and the roles we’re recruiting for; and create our own unique professional network of candidates & global corporate leaders.

Do I have to be unemployed to start job search?

Certainly not! Even if you are employed and ready to make the next big step in your career or you just want to explore different career options and keep an eye on the latest job market trends, you will definitely benefit from registering with us – we always have something in store for everyone!

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